577 – Déjà Vu [Déjà Vu - Wettlauf gegen die Zeit]

Action, Thriller, Fantasy (USA, UK — 2006)

When a ferry filled with U.S. Navy crewmen and their families blows up in New Orleans on Mardi Gras, ATF agent Doug Carlin is brought in to assist in the massive investigation and gets attached to an experimental FBI surveillance unit, one that uses advanced technology to look back a little over four days into the past. Tracking down the bomber, the team focusses on a young woman who was murdered on the day of the bombing and Carlin becomes obsessed with the idea that they might be able to prevent her murder from happening.

Directed by: Tony Scott
Written by: Bill Marsilii, Terry Rossio
Produced by: Jerry Bruckheimer
Starring: Denzel Washington, Val Kilmer, Paula Batton, Jim Caviezel

Length: 121 mins.
Rating: 12 (BBFC)

Audio Tracks: en, de, it
Subtitles: en, de, it, tr
DVD/BD Region: 2
Purchased on: 16 June 2012