197 – Saving Private Ryan [Der Soldat James Ryan]

Drama, War (USA — 1998)

In World War II, US Army Captain John Miller must take his men behind enemy lines to find Private James Ryan, whose three brothers have been killed in combat. Faced with impossible odds, the men question their orders: Why are eight men risking their lives to save just one? Surrounded by the brutal realities of war, each man searches for his own answer – and the strength to triumph over an uncertain future with honour, decency, and respect.

Regie: Steven Spielberg
Drehbuch: Robert Rodat
Produzent(en): Steven Spielberg, Ian Bryce, Mark Gordon, Gary Levinsohn
Darsteller: Tom Hanks, Edward Burns, Tom Sizemore, Matt Damon

Länge: 169 Min.
Altersangabe: 15 (nach BBFC)

Audio-Sprachen: en, de, es, fr
Untertitel: en, de, nl, it, da, sv, no, fi, es, fr
DVD/BD-Region: 2
Gekauft am: 10. Februar 2021